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Terms of use



The terms of use and acceptable ways of behavior for the attendants of Zagreb Wine Gourmet Festival have been drawn with the intention of protecting the attendants and Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend, as well as other Internet users from disturbing and illegal activities. The Court in Zagreb shall have jurisdiction over all relations between Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend and users which are likely to become a matter of dispute. By adhering to the terms of use, you ensure that yourself and other participants can enjoy a more pleasant and productive use of Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend.

1. General Terms of Use
1.1. The user shall use the services of Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend and Internet at their own risk. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend does not provide any guarantees nor assumes any responsibility for damages the user may suffer through the use of the services of Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend and Internet.
1.2. Internet is the international computer network which is not under direct control of Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend. It is only connected to it and can't guarantee the accessibility of the service that is not directly under its control.

2. Content of communication
2.1. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend provides access to information, data, programs, photographs and video recordings located at its site or obtained through the Internet. The user shall bear responsibility for assessments and will be susceptible to risks connected to the content, accuracy or usefulness of the «content» obtained from the Internet or Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend.
2.2. The user agrees that Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend holds the right to, at any time and without prior notice, limit or annul the right to access its services if the subscriber uses them in ways that have not been allowed. The user agrees that Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend is not responsible for any damages made by limiting or annulling the use of services due to unacceptable or unauthorized manner of use.
2.3. The user undertakes not to use the services in any way that could harm their normal functioning.
2.4. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend has the right to supply the user with informative e-mails or letters by which it shall inform its users of the changes of services, new services, improvements to the existing services and other information related to the use of  Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend.

3. Protected content and other rights
3.1. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend allows access to the «content» that has been protected ("copyright, trademark, intellectual property rights").
3.2. The user agrees to use the «content» in accordance with the laws and regulations by which the said «content» has been protected by the owner.

4. Suspension of service use
4.1. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend shall suspend the user's right to use the service without prior notice only if the user doesn't adhere to the terms of service use.
4.2. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend shall allow its users free and unhindered access to its services. Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend has the right to ask the user to settle the costs caused by unacceptable and unauthorized use of Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend.

5. Protection of privacy
5.1. On its website, Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend supplies links to external sites which are not maintained by or created as part of the services rendered by Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend. In case of access to those sites, Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend cannot guarantee the users that their private data will be protected, as it does not maintain the mentioned sites nor can be held responsible for their content.

Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend

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