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Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend


More than 6,000 Visitors Enjoyed Excellent Food and Wine at Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend

ZWGW once again showed its international flair, with fifty exhibitors from France, Spain, Italy, Slovenia, Austria, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro and Macedonia, and world-renowned wine experts who took part in the program. To mark the upcoming accession of Croatia into the European Union, a workshop called Croatian wine in the EU was held. Beside local experts Zvjezdana Blažić, Božica Marković and Ivica Matošević, the round table included the President of Austria Wine Marketing association, Willi Klinger, who encouraged Croatian winemakers, telling them: „Don't be afraid of the EU, the sales of local wines has increased in Austria since it entered the European Union. There is no reason for the same thing not to happen in Croatia, too.“

„We are very pleased with this year's ZWGW, primarily because our idea to expand the program and the list of events was successful, as seen in two weeks of  Warm-up events, „Fuliranje“ in the Glyptotheque's yard and other events which got a great response from the visitors. In two days of the festival, we received more than 6,000 people, an impressive number even for prestigious festivals organized on much bigger wine markets. The eventful program and enormous attendance rate are the first thing our international guests noticed this year, which is yet another proof of the success of Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend. I kindly thank all our sponsors and partners who made this festival possible, especially Zagrebačka banka, who has recognized the importance of the festival and supported it from the very beginning“, said Festival Director Dražen Lazić after the end of the program.

Before the Party program on Saturday, Dobri restorani 2013 award ceremony was held. The best restaurant in Croatia for this year is Bistro Apetit, also voted the best restaurant in Zagreb. The repeated success from 2012 confirmed that Sanja and Christian Cabalier were right in introducing the concept of cooking for guests and not for food critics.

This was not the only award given during ZWGW. Women on Wine association handed out their awards for the best WOW wine in four categories. The best white wine as voted by its members and supporters is Tomac Amfora 2008. Trapan Revolution 2010 is the best red wine, and in the category of dessert wines the winner is Corona Grande 2011 from Benvenuti winery. Senjković winery won the best rosé wine title with their Spoža 2011, which also received the Grand Prix award. „Each award is special because it means recognition from people for whom we actually produce the wine and expect them to like it“, Magdalena Senjković thanked WOW association.

„Spoža is perfect for warm days which are ahead of us and it has the WOW effect we were looking for. It was important for us that it is made from the indigenous grape variety Plavac mali. This wine is elegant and serious; it follows the idea of being a lighter red wine on one side, and a great wine on the other side. It is best when enjoyed where it is coming from, in the sun, by the sea“, said Nina Levičnik, member of WOW, during the award ceremony.

As a special feature of ZWGW, the evening entertainment, so-called Party program, was also very well received. From Thursday to Saturday, it included live performances by bands Hotline, Whatta Band, in cooperation with Mojo Bar and Jazz Busters, Cuban Service and Mate Grgat and friends, as well as DJs Phat Phillie, Bizzo Bodega, Vedran Rako and Ozren Kanceljak.

ZWGW confirmed its reputation of the most important regional wine and food show and the crucial place for the presentation and promotion of wine and gourmet food to both local and foreign buyers and media representatives, but also the place where everyone can find information about the latest global trends in the area of wine and gastronomy.