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Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend



Masterclass workshops and guided tastings are the part of the program to which we pay special attention. This year they will again be held at two prestigious venues. One of them is the Greek and Roman hall in the Glyptotheque, same as last year. The other is, for the first time, the exclusive area on the 3rd floor of Centar Kaptol (ex Nicolas Concept Store). Excellent conditions for speakers and visitors are guaranteed.



Tasting of Austrian wines with Willi Klinger, Director of Austrian Wine Marketing

Thursday, April 18, 5 pm, Centar Kaptol, 3rd floor


Willi Klinger, director of AWM, started his career working for the famous Austrian wine distributor A. V. Stangl in Salzburg, while studying French and Italian language. Later, he played a significant role in the development of the biggest Austrian wine shop chain Wine & Co, and afterwards worked as the executive manager of Freie Weingärtner Wachau. Finally, before becoming the director at AWM, as the right hand for the Italian cult vintner Angelo Gaja, he was responsible for more than 50 export markets. Willi Klinger is married, has two children and lives in Vienna. In Zagreb, he will host a masterclass workshop called "Classic Wine Styles and Origins of Austria".



Stift Göttweig - Grüner Veltliner Reserve Further Gottschelle 2011

Loimer - Grüner Veltliner Reserve Käferberg 2010

Domäne Wachau – Riesling Smaragd Achleiten 2011

Wohlmuth - Sauvignon Blanc Steinriegl 2012

Umathum – Zweigelt Hallebühl 2009

Heinrich – Blaufränkisch Leithaberg DAC 2010

Feiler-Artinger -  Cuvée Ruster Ausbruch 2008

Hafner – Scheurebe TBA "Essencia" 2007


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Cigars, Madeira and Port Tasting

Thursday, April 18, 6 pm, Khala bar, Centar Kaptol

In cooperation with Camelot company and Blandy’s and Graham’s wineries, prior to the opening day of ZWGW, we prepared a premium tasting for all cigar lovers. Cohiba Behike 56, one of the most exclusive cigars in the world, will be paired with special wines from these two wineries. Our special guest Chris Blandy will be there in person and present his wines to the audience. The moderator is Zdravko Brkić.

BHK cigar series consists of three cigars, considered the best kept secret: apart from the three standard fillers, the cigar contains a medio tiempo leaf, needed not only because of the considerable size of this series, but also to create a fantastic and unique aroma. BHK 56 is the largest of the three cigars, sized 166 mm x 22.23 mm.




Graham's Malvedos 2001

Graham's Tawny 20 years old

Blandy’s Sercial 1966

Blandy’s Bual 1920



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Renaissance of Herzego-wines, Tasting of Herzegovina Wines with Nenad Trifunović –Vinopija

Friday, April 19, 3 pm, Glyptotheque, 2nd floor


Can we experience the mysterious and ancient wine region of Herzegovina through Žilavka and Blatina? Join wineblogger Vinopija in a journey over craggy and green hills enriched with the waters of Neretva River and the Mediterranean sun, through indigenous and specific grape varieties of Herzegovina, the descendants of this rocky terrain. Taste how modern Herzegovina winemakers have transferred the region’s character into a glass. The tasting will include wines made by Škegro, Nuić, Hercegovinavino, Keža…




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Poli, Grappa tasting with Jacopo Poli

Friday, April 19, 3 pm, Centar Kaptol, 3nd floor



Jacopo Poli was born 50 year ago and since then his main passion is grappa.Together with his siblings Giampaolo, Barbara and Andrea, he runs the world-famous distillery founded in 1898 in Schiavon by his great-grand-father GioBatta. In 1993 he opened the first Grappa Museum in Bassano del Grappi, and in 2010 the second one in Schiavon, both managed by his wife Cristina. In Zagreb, he will host an interesting masterclass workshop about grappa and introduce the best products from his portfolio.


Amarosa di Settembre

Sarpa di Poli

PO’ di Morbida

Cleopatra Amarone

Cleopatra Moscato

Sarpa Barrique

El Barili di Sassicaia

Poli Miele



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Rebula with Mira Šemić

Friday, April 19, 4 pm, Glyptotheque, 2nd floor



VALTER  SIRK, Rebula 2011


KMETIJA ŠTEKAR, Rebula  2010


BELICA, Izbrano belo 2007


MARIJAN SIMČIČ, Rebula Opoka  2008


EDI SIMČIČ, Rebula 2006


DARIO PRINCIC, Ribolla Gialla 2009


LA CASTELLADA, Ribolla Gialla 2006


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Price 100 kn

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Cigar tasting with Rémy Martin, coffee and chocolate

Friday, April 19, 4 pm, History caffe club, 68 Tkalčićeva Street


Cognac, coffee and cigars make a well-known combination for all cigar conossieurs. If you add dark chocolate pralines, the feeling is impressive. The whole thing will additionally be enriched with some inovations, so with coffee you’ll have a chance to try Rémy Martin cognac mousse, which gives the cappucino a whole new dimension. All in all, coffee, chocolates from Claire's Chocolaterie and Rémy Martin cognac V.S.O.P. and XO. And the cigar?  The new Cohiba Piramides Extra, the flagship of linea clasica series, which had its premiere at last year’s Habanos festival, and today it’s available on our market.



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Blandy’s Vintage Madeira Tasting with Chris Blandy

Friday, April 19, 5 pm, Centar Kaptol, 3rd floor




This is an exceptionally rare opportunity for a vertical tasting of this famous wine, with more than 140 years of history. Blandy’s is the most prestigious winery on this Portuguese island in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Chris Blandy represents the seventh generation of a winemaking family who had the leading role in the development of Madeira and became the synonym for the quality of this interesting wine, maintaining the tradition that goes back to 1811. Madeira wines are produced using a very extreme winemaking process, which also includes heating, but this unique method puts them among the oldest and certainly most distinguished wines in the world. More information on


1976 Terrantez

1975 Verdelho (Cossart Gordon)

1968 Verdelho

1966 Sercial

1958 Bual

1920 Bual

1870 Verdelho Solera



Language : English

Price : 350 kn 

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Tasting of French Wines with David Cobbold  

Friday, April 19, 5 pm, Glyptotheque, 2nd floor



Coming from an English family that has been importing wine to England since the late 17th century, David started working full-time in the wine trade in France in 1983.  He learnt his trade in top specialist wine shops in Paris (Repaire de Bacchus & Caves de la Madeleine) and later taught at LAcadémie du Vin wine school, founded by Steven Spurrier. He then worked for 9 years as marketing and commercial manager for major champagne and wine companies in France, including 7 years for Veuve Clicquot. Based in Paris, he has, since 1996, been running his own wine writing, teaching and consultancy business called Connaître et Apprécier (Enjoyment through Knowledge). This leads him to many parts of the world to taste wines and write about them, conduct wine education programmes for trade and consumers, and do market research for wine producers. He runs several wine tasting clubs in Paris and has also launched his own consumer’s web site on wine, called as well as 2 blogs. More than just wine ( is in English and includes wine topics.  Les 5 du vin ( is only about wine and is mainly in French. David is currently a lecturer in Wine MBA programmes for two major Business schools in Bordeaux (BEM & INSEEC).

The tasting in Zagreb, called “Creativity and Trends in French Wines Today”, will feature the following wines:


Champagne Pehu-Simonnet - Blanc de Noirs NV (100% pinot noir)


Lionel Osmin & Cie - Villa Grand Cap 2010 (colombard et sauvignon blanc + gros manseng)


Domaine de la Bégude - L’Irréductible, rosé, Vin de France 2012 (grenache + mourvèdre)


Château la Croix des Pins - Château La Croix des Pins, cuvée phi, Ventoux 2006 (grenache 80% + syrah et mourvèdre)


Château la Croix des Pins - Château La Croix des Pins, Les Dessous des Dentelles, Gigondas 2010 (grenache 65%, mourvèdre 20%, syrah 15%)


Domaine de la Bégude - Domaine de la Bégude, Bandol rouge 2008 (mourvèdre + grenache)


Domaine Gérard Neumayer, Alsace - Gewurztraminer, Les deux M 2011 (100% gewurztraminer)


Lionel Osmin & Cie - Estela Vintage (malbec 50%, tannat 50%)



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Price : 200 kn

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Allegrini sa Silviom Allegrini i Christianom Pissetom

Friday, April 19, 7 pm, Centar Kaptol, 3rd floor


Corte Giara - Pinot Grigio 2012

Allegrini - Palazzo della Torre Igt 2009

Allegrini - La Poja Igt 2007

Alegrini - Amarone della Valp. Cl. Doc 2008

San Polo - Brunello di Montalcino 2007

San Polo - Brunello Riserva 2006

Pogio al Tesoro - Sondraia 2009

Pogio al Tesoro - W Dedicato a Walter 2007


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Croatian predicate wines 

Saturday, April 20, 12.30pm, Glyptotheque, 2nd floor


Predicate wines are delicate vintner’s creations, special nectars of late, select, select dry berry and ice harvests. The harmony of concentrated aromas is a higher-level enological experience for the educated palate. Top-quality Croatian winemakers are ready to prove this statement with a presentation of their predicate wines, winners of international awards.


Bodren – Pinot gris Icewine 2011

Bodren - Rhine riesling TBA 2011

Petrač - Chardonnay TBA 2002

Petrač - Cabernet sauvignon Icewine 2009

Iločki podrumi - Traminer Icewine 2008

Iločki podrumi - Traminer Select harvest 2010

Kutjevo - Traminer Icewine 2003

Kutjevo - Graševina Icewine 2009



Moderator : Rene Bakalović

Price 150kn

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Masi with Sandro Boscaini

Saturday, April 20, 2 pm, Glyptotheque, 2nd floor


For more than 30 years, Sandro Boscaini has been the head of Masi Agricola, family winery from Veneto region in Italy. Under his supervision, the winery has been growing continuously for decades, both regionally and globally. As one of the initiators, Boscaini also takes the credit for founding Vinitaly, one of the most important wine shows in the world. Masi Winery is known for creating “Appassimento” method, used for producing Amarone, their most successful wines. The person of Sandro Boscaini is so closely connected with this unique wine that famous Kate Singleton dedicated a whole book called Amarone: The Making of an Italian Wine Phenomenon to him, nicknaming Boscaini „Mr. Amarone”. At this masterclass, he will introduce Masi wines, with focus on Amarone, of course.


Campofiorin 2009

Possessioni Bianco 2011

Brolo di Campofiorin

Passo Doble 2010

Costasera 2008

Riserva di Costasera 2007

Vaio Armaron 2006

Old vintage of Amarone 1995



Language : English

Price : 200 kn 

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Darko Baretić – Riesling – Wine of Terroir or Global Variety, and Where Does That Put Croatian Rieslings?

Saturday, April 20, 2 pm, Glyptotheque, 2. kat


The workshop will include Rieslings made by Croatian winemakers Tomac, Korak, Šember and Bolfan, confronting and comparing them with Rieslings from Austria, Germany and France.


Bolfan - Rajnski rizling 2011

Korak - Rajnski rizling 2011

Šember - Rajnski rizling 2011

Tomac - Rajnski rizling 2011

Bolfan - Rajnski rizling Paidia 2009

Tomac - Rajnski rizling Amfora 2009

Clemens Busch - Riesling "vom grauen Schiefer" 2010


Loimer - Riesling Lagenlois Terrassen 2011


Gerard Neumeyer - Riesling les Hospices 2011




More information soon

Price: 100 kn

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Bringing the New and Old Worlds Together , tasting of Turkish wines with Taner Ogutoglu, Director of Wines of Turkey

Saturday, April 20, 4 pm, Glyptotheque, 2nd floor


Taner Ogutoglu will host a masterclass called “Bringing the New and Old Worlds Together”. The audience will get a chance to try wines coming from the center of the so-called “Grand Terroir”, geographic area with more than 800 indigenous grape varieties, where the origin of Vitis vinifera can be traced back 11000 years. The tasting will include wines made from the indigenous and international varieties. Taner Ogutoglu is the Director of Wines of Turkey, the organization whose aim is to promote wine culture in Turkey and encourage the export of Turkish wines by highlighting their quality. Since 2012 he is a Board Member of ACTE (Association for Culture and Tourism Exchange). He is active as judge at numerous international wine competitions such as the International Wine Challenge and Berliner Trophy.


Yazgan - Yazgan Emir 2011, Cappadocia Region (Emir) 

Kavaklıdere - Prestige Narince 2011, Cappadocia – Cotes d'Avanos Vineyard (Narince) 

Kavaklıdere - Prestige Kalecik Karası 2009, Central Anatolia - Ankara - Kalecik (Kalecik Karası) 

Yazgan - Mahra Cabernet Sauvignon / Syrah 2012, Turgutlu / Manisa / Aegean Region (72% Cabernet Sauvignon, 28% Syrah) 

Suvla Wines - Sur Rose 2012, Bozokbag (Syrah) 

LA Wines - Mon Rêve Montepulciano 2011, Torbali / Izmir (Montepulciano) 

Kayra - Kayra Vintage 2010, Elazig (Okuzgozu) 

Kayra - Kayra Vintage 2009, Diyarbakir (Bogazkere) 



Language : English

Price : 200 kn 

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Macedonian wines with Darrel Joseph

Saturday, 20.4. u 6 pm, Glyptotheque, 2nd floor


Darrel Joseph is an American-born international wine writer, judge and lecturer living in Vienna, Austria, and he specialises in the wine regions of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, including Austria, Croatia and many Balkan countries. His writing has appeared in publications such as Decanter, Harpers Wine & Spirit, Wine Business International, Wine Spectator and Hugh Johnson's Pocket Wine Book. With his extensive tasting experience, Darrel judges in international wine competitions including the Decanter World Wine Awards in London. He is also an editor and translator of numerous texts for wineries and wine organisations. He was English language editor of the book Tokaj, the Wine of Freedom, by Laszlo Alkony. At the Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend 2013, Darrel will present a masterclass on the wines of Macedonia.



Stobi Vranec Veritas 2011


Stobi Vranec 2011


Tikves Barovo red 2011 


Tikves Vranec Special Selection 2011


Kamnik - Terroir Vranec Grand Reserva 2008 


Kmanik - Terroir Vranec Grand Reserva 2011 


Bovin Vranec 2011


Bovin Vranec barrique 2008





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The list of masterclass workshops from ZWGW 2012 can be viewed here.