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Zagreb Wine Gourmet Weekend


Gourmet program

In our Cooking Show Arena, at the Gliptotheque, the following chefs will cook for you this year:


SILVIA BARACCHI, chef at hotel restaurant Il Falconiere, Cortona, Tuscany (Italy). (1 Michelin star)

“I am a real Etruscan”, says Silvia Regi Baracchi, chef at Il Falconiere restaurant, one of few Michelin-starred women in Italy. She is proud of her hometown Cortona, in the heart of Tuscany, as well as her family, from whom she inherited the passion for fine food and the interest for tradition and hospitality.

She opened the restaurant and hotel in 1989, in a 17th century family villa, and today Il Falconiere is part of the distinguished Relais et Chateaux fellowship.

“I like to offer my guests solar dishes, always based on the selection of the finest seasonal ingredients. These are dishes based on the Tuscan tradition, with a touch of innovation and creativity reflected through a new presentation, aroma and taste.” Silvia Baracchi has cooperated with many famous chefs and presented her cuisine all over the world. Together with olive oil and vegetables from their own garden, high-quality wines produced at Baracchi family estate since 2001 add an extra value to the menu of this luxurious restaurant and hotel.    


ANA ROŠ, chef at Hiša Franko restaurant, Kobarid, Slovenia

In the kitchen of her family-owned hotel Hiša Franko, with a view of Slovenian hills, Ana Roš is performing miracles. Surrounded with the beauty of pristine nature, babbling brooks and springs, Ana draws the inspiration for her culinary creations from that unique setting. Marked by floral notes and herbal scents, her cooking is feminine and very precise at the same time. As a real professional, Ana is always searching for new experience. Every journey is an additional inspiration for her, and she has mastered her culinary skills working alongside the greatest chefs in the world. Today, Ana is the most famous female chef in Slovenia, and as a top professional she represents her country at the leading international culinary shows.


ANA GRGIĆ, chef de cuisine at Hotel Esplanade Zagreb

She calls herself the child of Esplanade. And really, Ana Grgić, head chef at the prestigious Zagreb hotel for almost a year now, started her career there as a young volunteer. She advanced quickly and spent the last few years as sous-chef, working closely with the previous head chef Jeffrey J. Vella. Thanks to profound knowledge, ambition, professional attitude and culinary skills, it was easy for her to take over the kitchens of both hotel restaurants, Zinfandel's and Le Bistro, as well as Esplanade catering. Ana thus continued Esplanade’s tradition of top-quality gastronomy, but also brought the freshness of her own signature to the creation of menus.


TOM GRETIĆ, chef at Wine Vault restaurant, Monte Mulini Hotel, Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

Tomislav Gretić is one of the most important representatives of the contemporary Croatian gourmet scene. Chef at Wine Vault restaurant, in Rovinj’s luxurious Monte Mulini Hotel, Gretić is one of few head chefs who actually cook in their kitchen. At the same time, he oversees the food and beverage operations, and the ingredients have to undergo a strict selection to be used in his dishes. “There are too many canned and frozen ingredients used in Croatia, and I don’t like that”, says Tom, who worked in numerous well-known restaurants around the globe. He cherishes the memory of the years spent at the Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich, where he cooked for the Rolling Stones, Sting, U2, Depeche Mode, Bill Clinton, while Tina Turner used to eat there every week. Tom Gretić also earned his fame as one of the judges in the first season of the Top Chef TV show in Croatia.


PRISKA THURING, head chef at hotel LONE, Rovinj, Istria, Croatia

Coming from Switzerland, Priska Thuring now speaks Croatian as if she was born here. People around her also consider her “native” in Rovinj, where she has been working in some of the leading Istrian hotels for years. After working in the Hotel Adriatic, Priska became head chef at the exclusive hotel Lone. She fits this unique design place with her modern image and cooking style, defined by her husband, famous chef Tom Gretić, as “eclectic”. Both excellent chefs, Priska and Tom met ten years ago in the kitchen of the Dolder Grand hotel in Zurich, one of the most luxurious European hotels. Despite having lived together for years, both of them stayed true to their culinary styles: “Give us identical ingredients and you’ll get two different dishes”, they laugh. While Tom is a fan of the classic French cuisine, Priska takes her favourite ingredients and spices from all over the world and combines them to make a new creation.


MARINA GAŠI, chef at Marina restaurant, Novigrad, Istria, Croatia

After years of career shifting, Marina Gaši discovered her greatest passion in cooking, and actually went back to her family roots. Together with her husband, sommelier Davor Buršić, she reopened the restaurant which her parents used to manage, at the entry to Novigrad marina. „Everything I know, I learned from my mum”, says Marina, but her cooking is creative, innovative and full of surprises. Her favourite ingredients are fish, shrimps and shellfish, and she prefers them raw. When she was recently cooking in a well-known Parisian restaurant, she refused to prepare a dish using sardines they gave her, because they weren’t fresh enough. Instead, she prepared sole carpaccio on a bed of lentils, with Istrian olive oil. The guests were amazed, especially a French food critic, who said it was the first time he had eaten a sole which was not drowning in butter!


Cooking show schedule : 


Thursday 18.4.

20 - Restaurant Apetit City - dinner with Ana Roš


Friday 19.4.

13-14  Marina Gaši

14:30-15:30  Silvia Baracchi

16-17  Ana Grgić

17:30-18:30  Ana Roš

19-20  Priska Thuring & Tom Gretić


20 - Restaurant Dubravkin put - dinner with Silvia Barrachi 


Saturday 20.4.

13-14  Priska Thuring

14:30-15:30  Marina Gaši

16:15-18  Silvia Baracchi

18:30-19:30  Tom Gretić


20 - Restaurant Balon - dinner with Marinom Gaši